Obscurity of the Day: Outline of Science

Educational strips used to occupy a pretty sizeable niche in the newspaper world. In fact, for the McClure Syndicate one of them, Highlights of History, may well have been their biggest seller in the 20s and 30s.

McClure didn’t have nearly as much success with this strip, Outline of Science. The numbered strip tried to tell the history of science in imitation of J. Carroll Mansfield’s Highlights of History. Max Hahn, who otherwise has no comic strip credits that I know of, supplied the text and pictures.

Hahn’s mistake with the strip was in not telling a story. His strips read like something out of a middle school textbook, a dry rundown of facts and figures without any drama to make the history come alive. Whereas Mansfield’s strip sought to entertain as well as educate, Hahn’s strip sounded like a series of lectures.

The highest numbered strip I’ve been able to find is #249 and I doubt that it ran much longer than that. Based on strip numbering in my samples I place the start of the strip at October 18 1926.

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