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Gonna clear the decks of a number of items today. Read on…

Plea for Information
I’m trying to put together a sales package for my proposed Stripper’s Guide book. My proposal will include a small excerpt from the Stripper’s Guide listings. I was thinking of submitting either the ‘Q’ or ‘Z’ listings, but in reviewing them I find several slightly embarrassing missing pieces of data. Can anyone supply answers to any of these?

1. When did the Ze Gen’ral topper to Little Joe end? I have samples as late as 1961, but for all I know it might have lasted until the end of the main strip in 1972. Anyone have any from later than 1961? For that matter, does anyone know the specific end date for Little Joe itself?

2. Does anyone have definite running dates for Zenon, Girl of the 21st Century? Best I can come up with is sometime in 1998 through December 1999.

3. Yow, does anyone have a specific start date for the newspaper strip version of Zippy the Pinhead? I know it started sometime in 1985 in the San Francisco Examiner, perhaps a little earlier than its King Features syndication. This one is really annoying because I have all the Zippy books and can’t find the info.

4. Does anyone know a paper that ran the historical series Quaint Old New England? The reprint book tells me that it ran 1935-36 but I need to check it in a newspaper.

Hal Forrest First?

I found this one-shot comic strip in the Philadelphia Record of January 16, 1916. Wondering if it might be Forrest’s first pro cartooning work. Forrest did a few more one-shots in the Record over the next few weeks and then disappeared from their pages. Of course, Forrest went on to do Tailspin Tommy.

A Few Short Items from E&P, 1950

‘Henry’ Comic Strip Is Valued At $164,000

Madison, Wis. — Ruling on a question brought by the trustees of the estate of Carl T. Anderson, creator of the comic strip character “Henry,” Judge G. M. Krincke held that life tenants named in the estate will receive all the income accruing from the strip, along with present in­come not yet disbursed. His two sisters, who are the life tenants, will not be required to share the income with other heirs named in the will.

On the basis of the decision, the sisters of the late cartoonist would receive $28,780 which has already accrued from the strip and future profits. The decision said the comic strip was valued at $164,566 for taxation by the Wisconsin Department of Tax­ation.

Mr. Anderson, who was un­married, left the bulk of his es­tate now valued at approximate­ly $451,605, to his sisters and provided a $40,000 fund for the education of his nieces. Future heirs of the sisters will receive the rest of the comic strip in­come if there is any at that time, Judge Krincke ruled.

The persons who are now drawing the “Henry” strip are under contract.

Possible Suit Over ‘Tallulah’ Strip

If the name “Tallulah” is con­tinued as the title of a comic strip a suit will be brought by actress Tallulah Bankhead, her attorney told E&P this week.

Donald Seawell of the firm of Silver & Bernstein, New York, said a suit Miss Bankhead brought against Procter & Gam­ble relating to the use of the name “Tallulah” in Prell Sham­poo advertising, is pending trial next month. In the suit, Miss Bankhead contends the name “Tallulah” suggests “Tallulah Bankhead” to the public.

Mr. Seawell stated the same stand would be taken in the case of a comic strip. He said a letter of protest had been writ­ten to National Newspaper Service, Chicago, which launched the “Tallulah” strip last month; but that no papers have been filed so far.

President John F. Dille of NNS, contacted by E&P, said the new strip “has nothing to do with Tallulah Bankhead.” He declined further comment.

The gag-a-day strip is drawn by Ira Yarbrough, who signs his work, “Yar.”

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  1. Hi Charles –
    Thanks very much for that. Talk about finding a needle in a haystack there!

    Okay, so now we’ve got a month, and confirmation that the strip started in the Examiner before it was syndicated. Can anyone’ come up with a syndication date?


  2. And regarding “Zenon.”

    I checked the archive.org page for “Zenon” from TMS website and it seems the last strip (at least to appear on the website) was December 5, 1999.

  3. Hi Charles –
    That looks to be a very useful site, but I had no success in duplicating your results. Could you give us a quick lesson in how to use the website?

    Thanks, Allan

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