Heritage Auction Items Closing Today

Today is the final day of this Heritage auction, with a big batch of items from my collection. To see my items over on the Heritage auction website just follow this link.

This week they are featuring a lot of my nicer Golden Age comic books, plus a huge lot of Cartoonist Profiles magazines, and one really nice lot of relatively recent comic strip reprint books.

As I’ve said before, if you are interested in any of these items, feel free to kick up your bid just a bit extra if you’d like to help support the Stripper’s Guide blog.

Here’s pics of this week’s lots:

63 (yes, 63!) issues of Cartoonist Profiles in one mega-lot

8 Reprint Books (IDW’s Flash Gordon Vol.1 not pictured) — yes its a rather odd grouping *shrug*

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  1. In the items I was recently sent about my first cousin once removed, E. B. Sullivan, "Sullie," were several newspaper clippings. In three clippings that have to have come from a newspaper from the areas near where he was born is mentioned a strip that was apparently ran daily in "eastern newspapers" named "Lucky Looie." The clippings are not dated for year but do have April and May on them. The strip had to have run between middle 1930s to before his "Bucks McKale" strip came out June 30, 1940. Do you or has anyone out there ever heard of "Lucky Looie?" Also do you have a contact address for the Dille Family Trust? John F Dille was mentioned in one clipping. Carolyn carolke5@aol.com

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