Obscurity of the Day: Barnyard Club

Those with a truly elephantine memory will say that we’ve already covered Barnyard Club as an obscurity, way back in 2009. Not so, not so! There were two early features that went by that moniker, both running in the summer months of the very same year. This was the first of the Barnyard Clubs, beating Outcault’s version to the papers by a mere two months. It was drawn by J.B. Lowitz for the New York World‘s Sunday comics section from May 15 to June 19 1898. Nothing too terribly interesting about either feature, both of which offered ‘humorous’ situations featuring farm animals. Both features were exceeding well-drawn, but otherwise unmemorable.

Before anyone asks, I’ll admit that I do not know the identity of A.N.B., who drew the framing cartoons around the top sample.

Thanks to Cole Johnson for the scans.

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  1. I believe the framing artist was A.N. Boyd whose partial name I've seen in New York World illustrations. Additional research found little information about Boyd except this obituary in The Abbeville Press and Banner (South Carolina), May 31, 1899: Death of A. N. Boyd.

    Mr, L. [Larson] A. Boyd, master of trains for this division of the Seaboard Air Line, received a telegram last Monday afternoon [May 29] announcing the death of his only son, Mr. A. N. Boyd, who died in the city of New York about five o’clock p. m. The deceased was about twenty-five years of age and was an artist on the staff of the New York World and Journal, and was a young man of marked ability. Mr. Boyd, the grief stricken father, left on the first train after bearing the sad news for the home of his son. The deceased leaves a young wife, father and mother, with hosts of friends to mourn his early and untimely death. The people of this community tender to Mr. and Mrs. Boyd their sincere sympathy.

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