From the Sub-Basement of the Archives: Jimmy Walker Bio by Hearst Cartoonists

Found a photocopy of this neat strip in one of my ginormous “to be filed” piles. All the leading lights of the Hearst syndicates are represented — George McManus, Harry Hershfield, Tom McNamara, Ad Carter, Walter Hoban, Jimmy Murphy, George Herriman, Jack Callahan, Chic Young, Ed Verdier, Cliff Sterrett, Tad Dorgan, Milt Gross, Billy DeBeck, and filling in all the unsigned panels, Rube Goldberg.

Jimmy Walker was mayor of New York City from 1926 to 1932, and based on the age cited in the next to  last panel, this strip was produced in early to mid-1928. I’m guessing this was drawn for the program of some ceremony or banquet, but the photocopy gives no clue regarding the original source.

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