Obscurity of the Day: Kitty and her Family

Mildred Burleigh only produced two series that we know of, and we covered Pigtails here a short while back. Here, then, is Burleigh’s other series, Kitty and her Family. This series, like Pigtails, seems to have been ordered to fill out the offerings of the New York Daily News, but also found its way into parent paper  the Chicago Tribune. In the Daily News, Kitty replaced Pigtails starting August 26 1923, and the Tribune added it two weeks later, on September 9.

I commented in the prior post that Pigtails was done in a style that mirrored two other Tribune company greats, Clare Briggs and John T. McCutcheon. That influence seems to have fallen by the wayside on Kitty and her Family, but instead of striking out on her own, Burleigh is now copying the cartoonist of The Bungle Family, Harry Tuthill.

This slice-of-life family strip had nothing special to offer, and I doubt that anyone really missed it after the final installment of the Sunday-only feature ran on February 10 1924.

6 comments on “Obscurity of the Day: Kitty and her Family

  1. In fact i think you're all full of cheese. This page really captures something about that ungainly stage of growing up. The kid is wandering around her environment feeling out of proportion to it (every panel contributes) and yet still not big enough to be an adult. it's a lovely piece of work. I'd swap it for the entire set of Connie pages that you've run so far.

  2. Agreed. Oft times adolescence is shown at home somewhat claustrophobically
    This is an insightful switch… alone with the mistletoe. Thanks for pointing that out. (Connie is pretty dang awesome too)

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