I’m Not Dead Yet!

Hello, fellow comic strip fiends. Your Stripper’s Guide host is back on the job as of today. I gave myself  a few weeks off there because proofreading work and personal dramas got the better of me. But now, at least in theory, I’m rested, relaxed and ready to start making daily posts again, at least until the next crisis comes along.

I’ll spare you details of the personal stuff, but I want you to know that the preparations on my book American Newspaper Comics: An Encyclopedic Reference Guide, are coming along very well. The University of Michigan Press is doing a great job pulling it all together and the finish line is in sight. There’s even a page for the book on Amazon now, though it’s basically only a placeholder at the moment. Feel free to start submitting your rave reviews, though! Oh, you actually want to see the book first? Hmmph. Picky, picky, picky.

Well, I hate to make a post without a little eye candy, so here are some theatrical caricatures by Gluyas Williams. He did these in 1918. Although Gluyas was always noted for his economy of line, these are minimalist even by his standards.

PS: My abject apologies to email correspondents who haven’t received replies for awhile. Not only was I not making public posts, but much of my email went unanswered these past weeks.

5 comments on “I’m Not Dead Yet!

  1. Great to see you back, Allan!—-I was afraid you might have been hit by a meteorite or took the last train to Willoughby or ran off with Snookle or something….Cole Johnson.

  2. Hi Ger —
    Thanks for being so considerate, but I'm guessing my cut doesn't depend on where you order. I'd be going with Amazon myself, that's a heck of a big discount they're offering, much more than typical for academic publications.


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