Verbeek Sells Corsets

Other than Outcault’s Yellow Kid and Buster Brown, there was little in the way of comic strip character-based advertising in the first decade of the twentieth century. So I was really taken aback when I chanced upon this advertisement in a June 1907 issue of the Tacoma Ledger. Gustave Verbeck produced his Terrors of the Tiny Tads strip from 1905-1914, but I never got the impression that it had the sort of popular recognition at the time that would make the characters attractive to the advertising world. Nonetheless, here we have a corset ad produced by the Tiny Tad Company that apparently got national distribution.

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  1. Hello, Allan—I suppose that, if Verbeek used Outcault as his model, he also produced cuts to advertise various products. I doubt if they stopped at corsets. Outcault had Buster pushing guns, clocks, clothes, and various hardware, so watch out for other Tiny Tad ads.–Cole Johnson.

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