Give to the Ohio State Cartoon Library!

Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their party!

The Ohio State University’s Cartoon Research Library has been given a $1 million gift by Jeanne Schulz (widow of Charles) for the renovation of a desperately needed larger facility for their ever-expanding holdings. This is great news. Even better, though is that Jeanne has pledged up to another $2.5 million dollars in matching funds for other donations to the library. In other words, for every dollar you give, Jeanne will match it with a buck of her own. Everything you can afford to give will go twice as far!

The Cartoon Research Library is without peer, unquestionably the best library of its kind in the world, and very deserving of your assistance. In these tough economic times you may not be able to give as freely as you’d like, but even a small donation will go twice as far as usual, so give whatever you can. With my business deep in the dumps I can’t afford to give what I’d like, but I am definitely making a ‘give ’til it hurts’ contribution. Won’t you consider lending a hand? To make a donation just click below:

2 comments on “Give to the Ohio State Cartoon Library!

  1. In addition to this challenge, I'd like to see the museum reprint some good stuff from their vast collection to sell with proceeds going to the museum. Either public domain or reprinted by permission strips. By doing this, they can raise money, but more importantly, they can share their collection with those who don't find it feasible to drive/fly across country to spend time with the collection. The museum can work with a print on demand service to keep from having to tie money up in stock.

  2. That's an excellent idea Winn!

    I know they've published a few books based on their collection (the Ireland book was particularly wonderful) but mostly it's just been exhibition catalogs.


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