Herriman Saturday

These cartoons were published on March 25, 28 (2) and 31 1907.

The first and third cartoons are referring to the wild and woolly San Francisco graft and corruption trial, of which you’ll find an excellent account here.

The second cartoon concerns a road rally from LA to San Francisco. From the fragment of the news story that made it onto my photocopy it seems to be some sort of private bet with the winner taking a $3000 prize. The cars were an Oldsmobile and a Pope-Hartford, and the route was said to be in horrific condition:

The time limit of forty hours which was originally agreed upon has been abolished, and the winner will be the first car to negotiate the 500 miles of rough going up the valley route.

There are not more than 100 miles of fair road on the entire journey, the highway having been completely washed away or badly cut up by the unceasing rains during the past winter.

The final cartoon brings us back to the road graft investigation which has now been sent to a grand jury.

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