Dell Publishing’s “The Funnies” Part 16

Here we are at our last post of The Funnies. We learned a bit about it in the process, though not the information I was hoping for. If anyone ever does come across any of this material appearing in a newspaper I’m still very interested, so don’t keep it a secret! One more round of huzzahs for Cole Johnson who provided superb color photocopies of his issue of this rare series.

Today we have another batch of dailies. Two of interest; Peaches seems obviously an Art Helfant outing though credited to “R.A.W.” And Jacky, the only strip in the section by Sidney Garber, someone I’ve never heard of.

Back to real newspaper comics starting tomorrow! There’s no place like home…

4 comments on “Dell Publishing’s “The Funnies” Part 16

  1. Sidney Garber is best known for being an animator for Fleischer – with work appearing in 1930-1932. He was born c1909, and died very young circa 1931.

    steven rowe

  2. I found your direction cause there’s a book of comic’s history that took information from your blog. The name of the book is:
    “Del Tebeo al Manga, una historia de los cómics #3”. It’s in spanish, but it’s good.

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