Herriman Saturday

We start out today with the final Zoo Zoo strip. It ran on December 22 1906. That makes a grand total of five strips in the series. Herriman’s next strip (also undocumented in the standard references) won’t start for four months.

Next up we have what I take to be sort of a rogues gallery of horse-racing fans. Colonel George Waring (the fellow in the middle sporting the jaunty swastika-covered vest) is the only one for which I could find any biographical info — he gained a measure of fame for his creation of a street cleaning force in New York City in the 1890s. The caricatures in this cartoon are particularly well-executed by Herriman, which makes it all the more a shame that they spelled his name wrong in the headline! This gigantic full-page width cartoon ran on the 23rd.

Last up is a sports page cartoon printed on the 24th. Boxers were demanding, and sometimes receiving, much larger purses with the burgeoning public interest in the sport.

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