Obscurity of the Day: Wingtips

What would we ever do without search engines? I’ve had this example of Wingtips, the only one I’ve ever found, sitting on my mystery pile for years — the strip was never listed in E&P and I never found a run of the strip anywhere. But in a mere five minutes of Googling I succeeded in finding the creator, Mike Goodman.

Turns out that Mike was a young lawyer with a yen to cartoon. He was able to get this strip starring a judge syndicated by Universal Press Syndicate starting August 17 1981. The strip didn’t take off, though, and Mike says it was never in more than 38 papers. He moonlighted on the strip at night while keeping his day job as an attorney. Seeing that the strip wasn’t taking off he and the syndicate decided to rest their case and the strip ended sometime in August or September of 1982.

Mike these days is a successful lawyer in the firm of Goodman, Allen and Filetti PLLC and still does some cartooning. These days his work appears regularly in the Sunday Business section of the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

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  1. Have you ever read a webtoon by an artist named John Klostner (I think) who did Mason Darrow? It’s also about a lawyer. I think he finally gave up on it, haven’t seen it in quite awhile and can’t find it on a search.

  2. Wingtips was in the Cincinnati Post from 1981 to March 27, 1982.
    Coincidentally, that was the weekend the E—-r got rid of another comic with a judge’s name in the title – Judge Parker.

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