Obscurity of the Day: The Bicker Family

Robert Satterfield’s The Bicker Family isn’t very interesting as a strip – it’s a pretty slavish imitation of Briggs’ Mr and Mrs. What’s interesting to me is that this NEA strip is absent from the otherwise pretty complete archives of the NEA syndicate held by Ohio State University. It seems that this strip would have been included on their daily comic page proofs, which are otherwise complete in the archives, but the entire run of this strip is absent. Why? I dunno.

Anyway, I can document that the strip ran from sometime in 1921 until October 14 1922 based on my own collection. Can anyone supply a definite start date? The earliest in my collection is a run starting on January 1st 1922 (thus my assumption that it goes back into 1921).

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  1. Allan:
    If you know the dates certain strips ran[those you post] could you include in your comments Thanks charlie

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