Obscurity of the Day: Bubble Land

The New York Herald sometimes makes me scratch my head in wonder. They were an important New York paper, and their comics were generally classy productions. And then they’d feature something like Bubble Land on the cover (ok, sometimes back cover) of their Sunday comics section. The only thing that saves this kiddie fable from being a total loss is the vibrant color and sometimes interesting page layout, like in this example. The cartoonist, one R.D. Highet, of whom I know nothing, produced uneven work (that creature in panel five was the product of what, two seconds of drawing?), and the story is practically just random thoughts strung together in no particular order.

Bubble Land graced, or wasted, a page of the Sunday comics from November 10 1918 to April 25 1920, a very long run for a strip I bet even the little ones gave up reading early on.

I think I musta got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning…

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