Smith-Mann Syndicate IV: The Chisholm Kid

Here on page four of the Pittsburgh Courier‘s comic section we find the delightfully drawn Chisholm Kid. The strip was by Carl Pfeufer. His credits include the Flash Gordon clone Don Dixon, done for the Brooklyn Eagle-based Watkins Syndicate, and Bantam Prince for the New York Herald-Tribune Syndicate (blogged here).

The Chisholm Kid was a new strip created for the Courier’s color section on August 19, 1950. As with many of the other strips, it outlasted the color section and was demoted to daily-style black and white format. The Kid rode into the sunset on August 11, 1956.

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  1. Hi Allan Holtz, I just wanted to tell you the information on my grandfather Carl Pfeufer is incorrect. You have :The strip was by Carl Pfeufer, a black cartoonist whose outstanding facility with the pen had allowed him to cross over the color line and draw for the mainstream syndicates.
    Carl Pfeufer was not black but German.

  2. Hi Anonymous –
    I’ve just been having a private discussion with some other comics scholars where we were kicking around just this question. We’d really love to know more about Carl so if you could contact me I’d be very grateful. My email address is

    –Allan Holtz

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