Stripper’s Guide Blog Temporarily on Hold

Hi folks –
On Monday my wife Judy will be having major surgery. The surgery, and the reason for it, were pretty big surprises. We learned of the need for it just a few weeks ago after Judy went in for what was expected to be a routine examination. It’s a scary time for her, and I must confess to being a bit of a wreck, too.

Since getting the news I’ve kept up my daily Stripper’s Guide blog posts. It’s a good way to get my mind off this whole situation for a little while every day. But now I have to focus on it 100%, and Stripper’s Guide posts are going to have to take a short hiatus. Judy and I fully expect that the surgery will be a success and her recovery will be quick and complete, and that means I’ll be back here very soon, nattering on once more about obscure comics.

If you’re like me, you hate checking a blog every day only to find that there’s no new post. If you’ll look a little ways down on the sidebar, you’ll find an icon for These folks have a neat service where they notify you via email when a blog (or any website for that matter) posts new content. I highly recommend the service, and if you want to be notified when the new posts are back here on the blog, they can take care of that for you.

See you soon…

9 comments on “Stripper’s Guide Blog Temporarily on Hold

  1. yes, hope things go real smooth

    (and you use rss feeds, so any of us who use rss readers can see when you post something new)


  2. Dear Allan, have my warmest wishes for your wife and also for you, as from personal experience I know that one must be strong in these situations. Hope everything will end up in the best of the ways, and we’ll all be able to enjoy a fast return of your blog, meaning everything is ok. A kiss to Judy: get well fast!

  3. I completly understand, we will keep your family in our prayers, also I have you in my Comic RSS feed so i’ll know when the next post is published. Keep up the awesome work. -Steve

  4. Forgetting the blog for a moment, keep us informed of how things are going with your wife.

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