(Sorta) Obscurity of the Day: Captain And The Kids

What’s obscure about The Captain And The Kids? Nothing about the Sunday, which ran for 55 mostly successful years. What is obscure is the daily version which not many have ever seen. The daily Captain And The Kids debuted on October 1, 1934 and ran until sometime in 1939 (can anyone supply a definite end date?). It is likely to have been ghosted by Bernard Dibble for Rudolph Dirks.

For some reason, even though the Sunday version of the strip was very popular during the 1930s, the daily never took off. It ran in a very short list of papers.

2 comments on “(Sorta) Obscurity of the Day: Captain And The Kids

  1. Hello, Allan—-Howabout the even more obscure daily Katzenjammwer strip in 1918? —-Cole Johnson.

  2. Hi Cole –
    Yup, that series is pretty darn obscure. Started on 5/28/17, and may have been the first strip to use the new King Features copyright. Ended sometime in 1919 (don’t have a definite date on that).

    Send me your email address, would ya?


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