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Herriman Saturday: May 19 1910


May 19 1910 — Herriman shows his readers what they can expect from those emboldened Negroes if Jack Johnson wins the Fight of the Century — they might *horrors* start playing at being like white folk. If this is not naked and aggressive race-baiting, I don’t know what is. Shame on you George.

Herriman Saturday: May 17 1910


May 17 1910 — The boxing world has not come to a standstill while awaiting the Fight of the Century. Lew Powell and George Memsic are set to meet in the ring on the 21st. It’s not a championship fight, but Memsic and Powell are both famous enough fighters that there’s plenty of interest.

As Herriman’s cartoon shows, many luminaries are in town to see the fight, including promoter Tom McCarey, fighters like Jeff Perry and England’s Owen Moran, and actor DeWitt Van Court.

Herriman Saturday: May 15 1910


May 15 1910 — If there’s one thing even funnier than people doing stupid things, it’s RICH people doing stupid things. The California Club is apparently still in operation, and still very exclusive; only the rich need apply, and then only if they have an introduction from another rich person who is already a member.

Herriman Saturday: May 15 1910


May 15 1910 — Another Fight of the Century strip, this one featuring Johnson as a huckster, showing off his prize possession.

Herriman Saturday: May 14 1910


May 14 1910 — Herriman runs the prejudice gauntlet here, calling Jack Johnson — if I get this right — a womanizer, a glutton, a scofflaw, a dandy, a money-grubber, a laughingstock, and a pretender to wisdom. All of which, in this cartoon, are looked upon as positive character traits by black mothers.

Nice job George, hope you slept well after drawing this one.

Herriman Saturday: May 13 1910


May 13 1910 — If you have been following Herriman’s work lately, you only need to read the first panel; you can easily fill in the rest yourself.

Herriman Saturday: May 12 1910


May 12 1910 — Herriman adds a little colour to this article about the worldwide reactions to the appearance of Halley’s Comet.

Herriman Saturday: May 12 1910


May 12 1910 — May is a good time for Herriman to be dreaming about a pennant run fot the local Pacific Coast League teams. Once the season gets rolling all thoughts of glory will be filed away as “just wait ’til next year!”

In fairness the Vernons did have a decent season, coming in with a positive win-loss record, they were just way outclassed by other powerhouse teams. The Angels, though, stunk up the joint. They did manage to not to end up as the worst team in the league; the laughably bad Sacramento team saved them from that dishonour.

Herriman Saturday: May 12 1910


May 12 1910 — A Harvard Bible scholar, unnamed in the accompanying article, has come to the conclusion that our calendar, basing our A.D. year count on the birth of Christ, is off by three years. Herriman’s cartoon takes that to mean the world is actually in 1913, not 1910, and imagines the results of suddenly being propelled three years into the future. 

You can imagine something similar this evening. When you wake up tomorrow you will have been propelled one year into the future!

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  1. The Comet referred to in the last panel was Haley's Comet, a big event that spring.
    My grandmother saw it in 1910, and she and I saw it together in 1986. She was quite unimprest, All it was the second time around was a tiny pinpoint of light.

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Herriman Saturday: May 11, 1910


May 11 1910 — Another Fight of the Century strip from Herriman, once again stating the obvious that the black community is excited about Jack Johnson, and couching it in a racial stereotype.

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