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Herriman Saturday: March 9 1910

March 9 1910 — Herriman manages to hit a racist trifecta in this strip about black boxers contending for championships:

1. A particularly offensive racial slur in the headline.

2. An image of Jeff Johnson running away with a white woman … we know what that’s all about.

3. A possible new coinage for a racial slur, which actually seems sort of complimentary — ‘maduros’ likens Jeff Johnson to strong cigars with dark wrappers.

Herriman Saturday: March 8 1910


March 8 1910 — The match of the century is still four months away, but Jim Jeffries, who has been retired for six years and is extremely overweight and out of shape, announces that he will start training on April 1. Herriman suggests that Jack Johnson, who is in fine shape, should take Jeffries seriously and get to training himself.

Herriman Saturday: March 6 1910


March 6 1910 — Herriman pens a philosophical sports strip, in which he makes the case that victory in battle is and has always been fleeting. No matter how mighty the warrior, Father Time is always the ultimate victor. 

The less heady point of the strip is that Battling Nelson, for several years the holder of the lightweight boxing title, has now been beaten repeatedly by Ad Wolgast and his best years are definitely at an end. Nelson will continue fighting for another seven years before finally retiring, but never again as a serious contender. Wolgast will be lightweight champ for two years before going down the same well-worn path as Nelson, fighting far past his prime.

Herriman Saturday: March 5 1910


March 5 1910 — The Chicago White Sox are barnstorming through the west, but have been waylaid over and over by bad weather. Now they’ve finally reached sunny southern California for their matches against the local Pacific Coast League teams. Note that Herriman does a sort of sub-strip, rather like he will soon do with The Dingbat Family, now only a handful of months in Herriman’s future.

Herriman Saturday: March 4 1910


March 4 1910 — As in yesterday’s Examiner, Herriman is enlisted to provide one piece of art to cover multiple stories. Odd…

The top story concerns a a fraternal organization known as “The Mysterious 10”; they had an election to determine their new grand poobah, and for some reason despite a substantial majority of the votes going to one fellow, another fellow was crowned, or anointed, or whatever they do. How this tempest in a teapot made it into court I cannot imagine, but a Solomon-like judge seems to have made sense of the election and the members of The Mysterious 10 left happy — except presumably for the fellow who was ousted as Grand Wizier. 

The bottom cartoon concerns a thief by the name of Chow Gow who made off with a goose and rooster from a local home. Apparently when pursued by a posse Chow Gow decided the birds were too hot to handle; he dumped them in a secluded spot and flew the coop.

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