Herriman Saturday: June 12 1910


June 12 1910 — A bittersweet announcement goes with this post. As we come to June 1910 in our complete reprinting of Herriman’s LA Examiner cartoons, we have reached his final month with the paper. Yes, believe it or not, Herriman won’t be at the Examiner for the Fight of the Century on July 4. Instead he’ll be in New York starting a little strip called The Family Upstairs before the month is out, and finally carving out his exalted place in the history of newspaper cartooning.

This Stripper’s Guide series has been running since June 2 2007, believe it or not. It has taken us a decade and a half to chronicle all of Herriman’s (major) cartoons for the Examiner from 1906 to 1910, roughly three times as long as it took Herriman to produce them. 

There is now just one last cartoon left. Be here next Saturday!

Today’s cartoon, yet another about the upcoming Fight of the Century, was run a week after his last cartoon, probably indicating that it may have been set aside earlier to run in this Sunday edition.

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  1. Even allowing for perspective, Johnson is made to look a lot taller then Jeffries, though they were about the same height.

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