Wish You Were Here, from a Grace Drayton Imitator


There were lots of imitators for the royalty of women cartoonists — Rose O’Neill and Grace Drayton —  and the normally very classy Raphael Tuck Co. stooped to employing one of those imitators for their Oilette series titled “All For Her.” This series of cards featured baby versions of henpecked husbands, drawn in the style of Grace Drayton. This one is coded #8639.

My card is postally unused and undated, but according to collectors this series was issued in 1913, and the artist on the Drayton copies (there are some in other styles) is believed to be T. Parlett. Tuck’s Oilette series was so named because they were supposed to be the quality of miniature oil paintings; which makes this cartoon series seem a strange one to have under that umbrella.

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