Obscurity of the Day: Cyclone Sims


We recently covered Don Key O.T. by J.P. Arnot, which I called his last syndicated effort. But it could be that Cyclone Sims, which ran for awhile in 1930 at only one paper that I can find (the Lynn Telegram-News), was syndicated. No syndicate stamps, but hey, that wouldn’t be a first. Arnot signed the strips only “J.P” — I don’t know if that’s because he wasn’t proud of the strip, or if he was still under contract to the catatonic Kay Features and was flying under the radar.

In any case, syndicated or not, it seems to have been Arnot’s final newspaper comic strip series. And while it was no classic by any means, it was kinda cute. We have a pair of moving men; Curly, a big lazy blowhard, and Cyclone Sims, a wise little powerhouse. The strips are quite formulaic — the guys move furniture as they discuss this, that and the other thing, culminating in a gag. If any other characters figured into the strip, I never saw them in my very limited experience — a very short stack of samples. 

Any additional information you have on this strip would be warmly welcomed!

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