Wish You Were Here, from Grace Drayton (?)


Here’s the famous Campbell’s Soup Kids, who were created by Grace Drayton in 1904. These promotional cards seem to have been issued as a set of four, and the perforations seen on the cards would seem to indicate that they were attached to each other in pairs. There are also two versions of the cards, one set with the added text “10 cents a can”. This card was postally used in 1909, probably the year of issue. 

I can’t decide if these cards feature Drayton art or not. Some of the kids seem like they are spot on (the girl in the yellow frock particularly) while others seem just a little off. What do you think? 

One comment on “Wish You Were Here, from Grace Drayton (?)

  1. Hello Allan-
    To my gimlet eye, this is not by Grace Drayton, the kids are perhaps "inspired" by her. The hard outlines aren't hers, and her kids would be a bit fatter than these.
    Also their heads would be more disproportionately large. This artist has them in a much more realistic configuration. Most telling, I would think at this time, niether her signature or any accreditation is seen, and hers would be a well known name.
    Perhaps she was not working for Campbell at that moment, though she definately would be back. Might be that there would be a conflict with her North American contract, or that of other Post Card printers.

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