Toppers: Righterong?


Ever since I had to rake William Ferguson over the coals awhile back for producing the stinkeroo Glen Forrest, I’ve been wanting to show a sample of his This Curious World, so you could see what he did so very remarkably well. Drink in that sumptuous art, folks! Panel seven, particularly, is just delightful, almost like a Rockwell Kent woodcut.

This Curious World, whch was a daily fact panel and Sunday feature about nature, ran from 1931 to 1952, distributed by NEA. The Sunday version was added in 1934, and it was produced as a half-page feature with no topper until November 28 1943, when it gained the topper Righterong?, added so that papers could easily run the main strip as a third page if wanted. Righterong? was a quiz feature and ran until the demise of the Sunday This Curious World on May 25 1952*. 

This Curious World came back for a curtain call later, but the Sunday was not revived in that short run. 

* Sources: all dates from NEA archives at OSU.

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