Herriman Saturday: February 2 1910


February 2 1910 — Ad Wolgast is gunning for Battling Nelson’s title, but Nelson ups the ante to offer him a chance. Forget 10 rounds, or 20 rounds, if you want a shot at the title you need to sign up for 45 rounds and guarantee him a $12,000 purse. Much to Nelson’s surprise, Wolgast agreed to his terms.

The fight, set for February 22, would become known as one of the greatest title fights of all time, not to mention one of the most vicious.

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  1. For those, like me, who never heard of this match, I offer a snippet from Wikipedia:

    …On 22 February 1910 he [Wolgast] won the World Lightweight Title with a technical knockout (TKO) during the 40-round [bout with] Battling Nelson. After the California bout, both fighters were arrested and charged with violating the anti-prizefighting law.

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