Wish You Were Here, from Charles Schulz


Here’s a Peanuts postcard from Hallmark, this one featuring a pop art interpretation of Snoopy in his Joe Cool persona. This card is coded 603-3 on the reverse.

One comment on “Wish You Were Here, from Charles Schulz

  1. Hello Allan-
    This is just a detail of a larger picture where he's holding a tin cup with pencils in it. Maybe not. Actually, if this were put in front of me for an art department approval, I'd question why the glasses don't match the line grade of Snoop's head, mouth or nose, which are apparently to give the look of an extreme close-up of an already printed image, thus the jagged edge. The cheaters are too precise; as if they were superimposed from another source, or only they had been retouched on a finished image.
    Quality control guys can be real nitpicking joykillers, you'd think, but as you'll notice, the licencee will blithely disregard the licencor's guidelines. He's paying for it, right? So a less perfect world results.

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