Obscurity of the Day: Jesterday


Mario Risso, who took credit simply as ‘Mario’ on this panel, sold the historical humor series Jesterday to Iowa’s Register & Tribune Syndicate. I can’t say I’m a fan; I’ve seen this sort of thing done better. Risso’s cartooning is fine, but the gags fail to do much tickling of my funnybone. 

Jesterday was a real throwaway sort of feature, so of the few client papers that bought it I imagine quite a few used it ROP. However, I did manage to find a few papers that ran it consistently enough to formulate some possible start and end dates, to wit, August 4 1975* to March 6 1976**. Wouldn’t surprise me to learn that the feature ran out its one year contract, but finding it actually running anywhere that long I’ve come up dry. 

Risso would later make a return to the funny pages with the strip Father’s Day, and author and illustrate a number of books.

* Source: Jackson Sun

** Source: Minneapolis Tribune

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