Herriman Saturday


January 18 1910 –Local heavyweight Jim Cameron was looking like quite the comer in early 1910, having chalked up 6 wins, 1 loss and a draw. On October 22 1909 he faced Jack Sieberg, whose short record was abysmal, and knocked him out. Why this was such a big deal to Cameron I don’t know, but Herriman certainly seems to think he was mighty proud of the feat. His next bout, scheduled for tonight, is with Mexican Pete Everett. Everett had quite a record going in the 1890s, but then was out of the boxing game for long stretches in the 1900s. This fight with Cameron was billed as his big comeback after a four year layoff. Herriman seems to think that Cameron wasn’t too pleased to be sharing the spotlight with an old favorite. 

In any case, Cameron was judged the winner in a newspaper decision, and Mexican Pete never did make his big comeback. Cameron didn’t fare well either; he continued winning in 1910, but after that went into a long tailspin that left him with a 10-13-1 record.

 Note: Sorry, this strip had so much noise in the background that I just didn’t feel like doing all the restoration work.

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