Wish You Were Here, from Cobb Shinn


Here’s a Cobb Shinn postcard, postally dated 1913, from an unknown maker. Shinn’s postcard work is generally crude like this (though I like the framing), but he produced bajillions of them.

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  1. Hello Allan-
    Yes, this is pretty poor. I always find it interesting that in an age that produced such high quality painting, sculpture and architecture and most magazine and advertising art seemed absolutely indifferent to further down mass culture graphic art in things like post cards and comics.
    The great and the incompetent were side by side, without any problem. Publishers printed them, and people bought them.

  2. The more times I read this caption the less I understand it. "I can't believe that I'm seeing you?" "I can't believe the way you look?" "When I look at you I doubt myself?" And why is the righthand figure crying? Which character is speaking, anyway? In the words of Superman, "Wha–?"

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