Obscurity of the Day: Ye Getting of Ye Goat


What are the chances that I’d stick my hand into the vast bag of obscurities and pick out another Ed Carey strip after doing one just last week? Just goes to prove that the laws of probability sometimes offer us tremendous coincidences. 

Last week’s Carey obscurity was not one of his best by a long shot, but today’s obscurity is, in my opinion, a delight. In Ye Getting of Ye Goat, penned for the New York Evening Telegram, Carey shows us various annoying dolts and some outright scoundrels getting their comeuppance. The cute kicker is that Carey turns the phrase “getting one’s goat” into a literal event in the gags. 

Ye Getting of Ye Goat first ran in the Evening Telegram on December 27 1910, then 11 more times in February through early April of the next year. The final strip, which was also Carey’s swan song at the paper, ran on April 14. 

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