Comic Stamp Quiz, Part 3

 Here is the third batch of unidentified comic stamps. Can you name the strip the stamp ran with, and the name of the character depicted? 

In fairness, I wonder if perhaps #23-26 aren’t real; they sure look like amateur drawings to me. 

3 comments on “Comic Stamp Quiz, Part 3

  1. Hello All-
    Here's my suggestions:
    23-26- Home made, I guess whoever collected these stamps couldn't get enough, so he made some up. I can't wait to see some samples of the strip these might be from.
    27- Texas Slim
    28- On Our Block
    29 a/b-Mr. Bailey(Smitty)
    30- Is this even intended as a "stamp?" It looks like a detail in a regular panel of something.

  2. It seems likely some kids would generate originals because they didn't get the Sunday paper or siblings got at the funnies first, perhaps to have something to barter with other kid collectors.

    In "The Great Comic Book Heroes", Jules Feiffer described how he hand-drew his own comic books as a kid, then took them to where other kids would swap or sell comics. Feiffer notes, "Mine went for less because they weren't real"

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