The Long Slow Demise of Buster Brown, Part 8: January – March 1917

As 1916 was the year of Smithy, so it looks like Outcault came up with a new contender for Buster for 1917, in the form of Eddie Loomis. He’s a tough guy in the classic mode with an oddly blank face and much less of a distinctive personality than Smithy. 1917 will also see Outcault continuing to dial down his involvement.


On January 14 we have what at firat glance seems to be an Outcault production, but the figure of Mary Jane, except in story panel 2, looks like the work of Ross to me.


On January 21, is it my imagination or is Buster all of a sudden off-model, and not really in a Ross style?


On the 28th it looks to me like Ross handled much of the crowd scene figures, except in the top story ier which just looks quite bad. Buster once again looks a bit off to me, except in the masthead.



 Looks to me like the figure of Buster in story panel 11 is a Rossism.



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