Mystery Cartoonist: Lynn Daily Evening Item Circa 1921 — JB? BJ?

As I go through my boxes upon boxes of files awaiting sorting, I come upon the occasional mystery item. Here’s a couple clippings from 1921 issues of the Lynn (Massachusetts) Daily Evening Item, featuring an editorial cartoonist who signs him or herself  with what looks to me like an interlocked J and B. Searching around I cannot find a cartoonist who was associated with that paper that has these or similar initials. Can you identify the mystey cartoonist?

2 comments on “Mystery Cartoonist: Lynn Daily Evening Item Circa 1921 — JB? BJ?

  1. From Editor & Publisher August 23, 1924 (via GoogleBooks):
    "Jack Beckwith, for the past 22 years cartoonist and all-round artist for the Lynn (Mass.) Daily Evening Item…"

  2. Thanks DD (and Alex Jay who wrote privately), your web searching skills beat the heck out of mine. If I could search this well I might be dangerous.

    Gonna have to find something really challenging — maybe a tiny scrap of paper with a stick figure from an unknown paper.


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