Magazine Cover Comics: Flapper Fairy Tales

The Philadelphia Public Ledger had some great Sunday magazine covers that they offered through their syndicate, but rarely did they form a series. Hearst loved the romantic magazine cover series, but Ledger stood pretty firm on the side of one-shots.

One of the few exceptions was Flapper Fairy Tales, which brought together the verses of Ruth Plumly Thompson and the art of Ledger regular Charles J. Coll. Thompson is well-known to Oz fans for her many books continuing Baum’s original series, and she also wrote a long-running series of children’s stories for the Ledger. Here she jumps well out of her regular groove to write jazzy adult fare, and, well, I’ll let you decide for yourself if she succeeds.

Flapper Fairy Tales ran from April 21 to May 26 1929.

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