Obscurity of the Day: Little Coronations at Home

Frank Leet, the yeoman of the NEA bullpen gang, produced the weekday series Little Coronations at Home, for publication between about May and June 1914. As much as I like to offer exact dates, that’s the best I can do with the NEA offerings of these early years because (a) the papers that took the NEA service published stuff as and when they liked, and (b) the NEA archives at Ohio State University are a mess for these early years of the service, and unless I missed it, this series was MIA.

The Wichita Beacon published all their installments of this series in June 1914. 

2 comments on “Obscurity of the Day: Little Coronations at Home

  1. This series originally ran in 1911, to coincide with big news occasion of King George V's coronation on 22 June that year.
    It ran in the Scripps paper The Tacoma Times from 20 May to June 19, though the last episode, the one you show at the top today, was titled "THRILLS OF AN AIRSHIP RIDE WITHOUT THE PERILS."

  2. Allan! Where are you? Are you all right? You've been MIA for three days now. With the end of the world on its way, we want to keep everyone accounted for. It's important that nobody in the Strip Community is snatched away. Please speak up! Or bark! Or something!

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