Obscurity of the Day: Show Me

C.A. Voight created a number of running series, most of them appearing more or less weekly, for the short-lived Boston Traveler syndicate. He was definitely one of the workhorses in their small stable, producing a lot of material for them. Here is Show Me, which offers gags about hypocrites. I like in this example that the ‘diets’ get increasingly ludicrous as we go on — a nice build-up.

Show Me ran from October 21 1908 to January 12 1910 in the Traveler and their very small list of client papers. 

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  1. Karen Green, Curator for Comics and Cartoons at Columbia University Libraries, has posted proof sheets of Dixie Dugan from the early 1930s from the the papers of Amram Scheinfeld, who won fame for books on heredity but started out as a professional cartoonist. In that period he ghost wrote the strip, and on each proof he’s crossed out J.P. McEvoy’s name, and rubber-stamped the words “Ideas and Lines by Amram Scheinfeld.” You can e-mail Green at


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