Toppers: It’s The Gypsy In Me

George McManus quickly settled down to Rosie’s Beau as his topper for the Bringing Up Father Sunday page, but come 1933 the Hearst syndicates decided that one topper just wasn’t enough. Some Hearst Sunday pages added activity features, like puzzles and paper dolls, but McManus chose a single panel cartoon to be his new third feature. His panel cartoons changed titles pretty frequently, and the last in the series was It’s The Gypsy in Me.

The panel was loosely based around the common thread of a person who’d like to run away from his or her current situation, or already had run away and was finally enjoying life.

This topper began with the Sunday page of May 26 1935, but was replaced by another topper panel, What’ll I Do Now, after December 22 of that year. The new topper apparently didn’t stimulate McManus’ creative juices for long though, and It’s The Gypsy In Me returned with the page of March 22 1936. The panel thereafter ran every week until April 25 1937, when McManus swore off the three feature dictum and went back to offering Rosie’s Beau as the sole topper for Bringing Up Father.

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