Mystery Strips: George Lemont in San Francisco Call-Bulletin

[This article was printed in the Editor & Publisher issue for April 8 1961. Lemont had just begun a TV gag panel for NEA called Station Break in January 1961, and it sounds like that’s the feature they’re discussing here. But the article seems to indicate that it was a local feature of the Call-Bulletin. Can anyone unravel this mystery?]

Radio Humorist Turns Cartoonist

George Lemont, a radio and television humorist, is doing a daily panel cartoon for the San Francisco News-Call Bulletin. It’s a return to his first love. George always wanted to be a cartoonist. At the age of 12 the San Francisco Call-Bulletin printed one of his drawings.

After his military service was ended, Mr. Lemont found no newspaper takers for cartoons. He did a television drawing show for youngsters over KRON-TV. Next came mixed television and radio station duty for 11 years. A period as night club entertainer followed.

His drawings with one-line captions satirizing radio and video situations have been accepted as a regular feature. Syndication is forecast.

2 comments on “Mystery Strips: George Lemont in San Francisco Call-Bulletin

  1. My old notebook has an unsourced comment on the Station Break entry that it "began in S.F. Call-Bulletin with different title."
    That title ???

  2. Only explanation I can come up with is that this news story was submitted long before April 1961, and E&P had it in the slush pile long enough that by the time they printed it was out of date. –Allan

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