Wish You Were Here, from Percy Crosby

Here’s another Percy Crosby card from the uncredited series in which headline letters get blacked out in some weird unbreakable code. EDL, get it? Wink wink, nudge nudge. No? Maybe I’m looking at it wrong. AWRCKEANGE!! Ha ha, now I see.

No I don’t.

I guess I’ll just have to settle for Crosby’s magnificent play on words. That I get. And I’d like to give it back for a refund.

2 comments on “Wish You Were Here, from Percy Crosby

  1. Hello Allan-
    Does it appear to you this isn't really Crosby? It's pretty amatuerishly excecuted, like the misshapen hat, and feetare all wrong, unless Mr. Angle here has a gimpy right leg. This looks like maybe a redrawn sketch of a Crosby work, with his signature.

  2. All of Crosby's postcards in this series and others was done very early in his career. They all exhibit this same painfully amateurish art. I'm amazed he was even willing to sign it.


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