Wish You Were Here, from Myer Marcus

I think this is the first Myer Marcus postcard we’ve featured on the blog. His postcard output was limited, but I see them not too infrequently. As Marcus was a Philly guy, it is perhaps not too surprising that he did this card for the Rose Company, based in that city. As you can see on the front, they called this their Aurocrome Series, and this was card A8. This is an undivided back card, but was not postally used until 1907, when divided backs made their debut.

3 comments on “Wish You Were Here, from Myer Marcus

  1. Could this be some other Myer? The style seems different from that seen in Fuller Bull and Asthma Simpson, only a few years after this.

  2. Certainly he is showing us a different style here, somewhat Zim derived, but the consistency of the signature and the fact these cards were produced in Philadelphia leads me to be reasonably confident. Not that the name Myer is exactly rare, so I am open to be corrected.

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