The Hearst Sunday Newspaper Magazine Cover Indexes Part 5: The American Weekly Offshoot ‘Romantic’ Series

It turns out in my magazine cover research that in 1921 you could get your American Weekly Hearst covers in two flavors: one with the masthead with which we’re familiar, or one with no masthead at all and copyrighted by International Feature Service.

That practice seems to have halted in mid-August 1921, when the Dan Smith cover series was inaugurated and took over for the International Feature Service-branded  American Weekly.

However, it wasn’t quite that simple. It seems that you could choose another new (?) series, also syndicated by IFS, that instead of Dan Smith covers offered what I call the ‘romantic cover’ option. This series featured lots of pretty girls as is typical of the Hearst covers, but these ones are focused on romance. In other words, looking to please the female audience more than the male.

I began tracking this series in the Butte Miner, where due to some slight crossover with the Dan Smith series at the beginning I believe that the Miner runs their covers a week later than intended. The series runs in the Miner through the end of 1923, after which I switched to the Minneapolis Tribune, filling in a long unavailable section of that from the Tampa Tribune. The Minneapolis Tribune stopped using this series in June 1926, and I can find no other paper that used it any later.

Date Title Artist
8/28/21 Caprices of Cupid #1 Henry Clive
9/4/21 Caprices of Cupid #2 Henry Clive
9/11/21 Caprices of Cupid #3 Henry Clive
9/18/21 Caprices of Cupid #4 Henry Clive
9/25/21 Caprices of Cupid #5 Henry Clive
10/2/21 Caprices of Cupid #6 Henry Clive
10/9/21 Behind Their Dreamy Eyes #1 Henry Hutt
10/16/21 Behind Their Dreamy Eyes #2 Henry Hutt
10/23/21 Behind Their Dreamy Eyes #3 Henry Hutt
10/30/21 Behind Their Dreamy Eyes #4 Henry Hutt
11/6/21 Behind Their Dreamy Eyes #5 Henry Hutt
11/13/21 Chiffon and Gold Haskell Coffin
11/20/21 The Girl Scout “Little Mother” W.T. Benda
11/27/21 Mean Old Clock! Henry Clive
12/4/21 Poetry Henry Clive
12/11/21 Ammunition Henry Clive
12/18/21 Light and Airy Henry Clive
12/25/21 Christmas Morning Henry Clive
1/1/22 Scenting The Rose Henry Clive
1/8/22 Beauty and Nick Henry Hutt
1/15/22 Snowflakes Henry Clive
1/22/22 Cold And Fair Haskell Coffin
1/29/22 Fairy Time Story Henry Hutt
2/5/22 A Florida Enchantment Haskell Coffin
2/12/22 I Wonder W.T. Benda
2/19/22 Have A Heart Henry Hutt
2/26/22 When Eyes Meet Henry Clive
3/5/22 Over The Rio Grande W.T. Benda
3/12/22 The Penitent Henry Clive
3/19/22 The Eclipse Haskell Coffin
3/26/22 Puppy Love M.E. Musselman
4/2/22 Coming Out Haskell Coffin
4/9/22 No More Bon Bons Henry Clive
4/16/22 Honey Haskell Coffin
4/23/22 Untitled portrait of woman Signed illegibly
4/30/22 Jackie Maud Tousey Fangel
5/7/22 Yoo-Hoo John Bradshaw Crandell
5/14/22 Stop! Look! Listen! Earl Christy
5/21/22 He Loves Me… M.E. Musselman
5/28/22 On My Palette Henry Clive
6/4/22 Bronze Idols Henry Clive
6/11/22 Flappers P.J. Monahan
6/18/22 Under The Trysting Tree Archie Gunn
6/25/22 Come On In! Ruth Eastman
7/2/22 Hurrah For The Fourth of July John Bradshaw Crandell
7/9/22 untitled lovers embracing with overflowing water bucket Edmund Frederick
7/16/22 Help! Help! Edmund Frederick
7/23/22 Watch Your Step Edmund Frederick
7/30/22 Monday-y-y-y-! Edmund Frederick
8/6/22 Eyes Front Edmund Frederick
8/13/22 Keep It Dark Edmund Frederick
8/20/22 Coming Events Edmund Frederick
8/27/22 The Moths and the Flame Walter Van Arsdale
9/3/22 The Last Dip F. Tempest Inman
9/10/22 September Eve Henry Hutt
9/17/22 Cherries H. Knowles Hare
9/24/22 Off With The Old, On With The New Edmund Frederick
10/1/22 Youth Finds a Way Edmund Frederick
10/8/22 In a Flurry Edmund Frederick
10/15/22 Book Lovers Edmund Frederick
10/22/22 A Question of Time Edmund Frederick
10/29/22 Hello, Halloween Edmund Frederick
11/5/22 Dangerous Curves Ahead Edmund Frederick
11/12/22 The Modern Venus Henry Hutt
11/19/22 Golden Glow Earl Christy
11/26/22 You Win Edmund Frederick
12/3/22 baby’s Bed Time Henry Hutt
12/10/22 Will I Do? Haskell Coffin
12/17/22 Snowed In Edmund Frederick
12/24/22 Christmas Back Home Louis Biedermann
12/31/22 I’ll Love You Year In and Year Out Edmund Frederick
1/7/23 At The Costume Ball Walter Van Arsdale
1/14/23 When Their Ship of Giold Comes In Edmund Frederick
1/21/23 Lost Edmund Frederick
1/28/23 Only A Dream Henry Hutt
2/4/23 Even The Snowman Has a Heart Edmund Frederick
2/11/23 Hearts and Flowers Edmund Frederick
2/18/23 Out of the Past Edmund Frederick
2/25/23 Always The Right Time Edmund Frederick
3/4/23 A Mirror Rehearsal Earl Christy
3/11/23 Firelight Prophecies Edmund Frederick
3/18/23 Her Newest Dolls Walter Van Arsdale
3/25/23 TheFinishing Touch Earl Christy
4/1/23 Easter Lilies Henry Hutt
4/8/23 Entangled Edmund Frederick
4/15/23 Lost and Found Ruth Eastman
4/22/23 A Good Catch Edmund Frederick
4/29/23 At The Society Circus Frank X. Leyendecker
5/6/23 A Maytime Fantasy Walter Van Arsdale
5/13/23 A Waltz Dream Edmund Frederick
5/20/23 Blossoms Hester Miller
5/27/23 The Story of her Pearls Edmund Frederick
6/3/23 In The Moonlight Henry Clive
6/10/23 The June Bride Walter Van Arsdale
6/17/23 Stop, Thief! Henry Clive
6/24/23 Honeymoon Kitchen J.A. May
7/1/23 Hurrah For The Red, White and Blue! Edmund Frederick
7/8/23 Plumes And Patches Henry Clive
7/15/23 Breakers Edmund Frederick
7/22/23 Midsummer Day’s Dream Henry Clive
7/29/23 Idol Worship Edmund Frederick
8/5/23 Paddle Your Own Walter Van Arsdale
8/12/23 Sitting Pretty Henry Clive
8/19/23 The Rain Beau Edmund Frederick
8/26/23 The Peace Offering Hester Miller
9/2/23 Here’s Looking at You Edmund Frederick
9/9/23 Making Hay Edmund Frederick
9/16/23 Monday Morning Edmund Frederick
9/23/23 Tom, Dick or Harry? Edmund Frederick
9/30/23 Sheltered Edmund Frederick
10/7/23 Back To Genoa Henry Clive
10/14/23 Just Teasing Henry Clive
10/21/23 Hold It! Henry Clive
10/28/23 Boo! Edmund Frederick
11/4/23 Reflections Henry Clive
11/11/23 Rhapsody Edmund Frederick
11/18/23 Just What The Doctor Ordered Henry Clive
11/25/23 One Thanksgiving Wish Edmund Frederick
12/2/23 Tell Him I’m Busy Henry Clive
12/9/23 Speak For It! Henry Clive
12/16/23 Peek-a-Boo Henry Clive
12/23/23 A Christmas Fancy Haskell Coffin
12/30/23 The Beginning of their Greatest Year Henry Hutt
1/6/24 Here I Come! Edmund Frederick
1/13/24 Hoodoo! Edmund Frederick
1/20/24 Mate Edmund Frederick
1/27/24 Beauty Spots Walter Van Arsdale
2/3/24 Book Lovers Edmund Frederick
2/10/24 His Valentine Edmund Frederick
2/17/24 Good Scouts Edmund Frederick
2/24/24 A Tropical Honeymoon Edmund Frederick
3/2/24 Counter Attractions Walter Van Arsdale
3/9/24 The Right o’ Way Edmund Frederick
3/16/24 Plans And Dreams Edmund Frederick
3/23/24 The Flash-Back Earl Christy
3/30/24 Second Day Out Edmund Frederick
4/6/24 Spring Song Walter Van Arsdale
4/13/24 Nesting Time Edmund Frederick
4/20/24 The Spirit of Easter Edmund Frederick
4/27/24 Showers and Cooler Walter Van Arsdale
5/4/24 I Wonder Who He Was? Menotti Rubino
5/11/24 Brown-Eyed Susan Earl Christy
5/18/24 Which One? Henry Clive
5/25/24 Right Back At You Henry Clive
6/1/24 Hail June! Earl Christy
6/8/24 Her Captain and his Mate J.A. May
6/15/24 (untitled) Edna Crompton
6/22/24 Morning Glories Henry Clive
6/29/24 Fan Fare Walter Van Arsdale
7/6/24 Good-By Butterfly Henry Clive
7/13/24 The Feminine Plank James H. Hammon
7/20/24 Just Suppose Edmund Frederick
7/27/24 Top ‘o the World Edmund Frederick
8/3/24 The Student Henry Hutt
8/10/24 Which? Edmund Frederick
8/17/24 Plumage Henry Hutt
8/24/24 Overflowing Walter Van Arsdale
8/31/24 Heart Pledges Fro Love Alexander Popini
9/7/24 Sitting Pretty Walter Van Arsdale
9/14/24 Mid-September James H. Hammon
9/21/24 Done In Oil Walter Van Arsdale
9/28/24 A Counter Attraction James H. Hammon
10/5/24 The Winner Alexander Popini
10/12/24 Poppy-Love Menotti Rubino
10/19/24 Fancy! Walter Van Arsdale
10/26/24 In The Looking Glass James H. Hammon
11/2/24 Everybody’s Candidate Walter Van Arsdale
11/9/24 The Eavesdropper James H. Hammon
11/16/24 Lucky Devil! James H. Hammon
11/23/24 Winter Dreams Walter Van Arsdale
11/30/24 Her Crowning Glory Then and Now George Kerr
12/7/24 The Spanish Shawl James H. Hammon
12/14/24 The Opera Deb Edmund Frederick
12/21/24 Christmas Monring Walter Van Arsdale
12/28/24 New Year’s Eve Alexander Popini and Louis Biedermann
1/4/25 1760 versus 1925 George Kerr
1/11/25 B-r-r! Walter Van Arsdale
1/18/25 Stepping Out James H. Hammon
1/25/25 Excuse My Dust Walter Van Arsdale
2/1/25 Do You Believe In Signs? James H. Hammon
2/8/25 To My Valentine George Kerr
2/15/25 Firelight Fancies Alexander Popini
2/22/25 Goodbye, Queen Carnival George Kerr
3/1/25 Pretty Penitent James H. Hammon
3/8/25 The Juggler Walter Van Arsdale
3/15/25 Five To Fifty Miles an Hour George Kerr
3/22/25 Lenten Renunciations Alexander Popini
3/29/25 Sleeping Beauty Edmund Frederick
4/5/25 Gone For The Day James H. Hammon
4/12/25 Easter Sunday Fifty Years From Now Alexander Popini and Louis Biedermann
4/19/25 The Hide-a-Ways Edmund Frederick
4/26/25 Hello, May! Walter Van Arsdale
5/3/25 Peter Piper James H. Hammon
5/10/25 The Best Man At The Wedding James Calvert Smith
5/17/25 Mother’s Veil Edmund Frederick
5/24/25 June Jazz Alexander Popini
5/31/25 June Gold James H. Hammon
6/7/25 Thick and Thin Walter Van Arsdale
6/14/25 Go, Go James Calvert Smith
6/21/25 The Crinoline Girl (Girls Series #1) Penrhyn Stanlaws
6/28/25 Three Cheers Walter Van Arsdale
7/5/25 Girls #2 Penrhyn Stanlaws
7/12/25 Love on the Air Conrado W. Massaguer
7/19/25 1525 (Girls Series #3) Penrhyn Stanlaws
7/26/25 ‘Mid Summer Walter Van Arsdale
8/2/25 Girls Now — And Then (Girls Series #4) Penrhyn Stanlaws
8/9/25 Taking Turns Conrado W. Massaguer
8/16/25 Wish You Were Here (Girls Series #5) Penrhyn Stanlaws
8/23/25 Dry Fishing Walter Van Arsdale
8/30/25 September Monring Glories (Girls Series #6) Penrhyn Stanlaws
9/6/25 The Skipper James Calvert Smith
9/13/25 East To West and West To East (Girls Series #7) Penrhyn Stanlaws
9/20/25 An Autumn Fancy Walter Van Arsdale
9/27/25 Girlhood (Girls Series #8) Penrhyn Stanlaws
10/4/25 Autumn Colors Edmund Frederick
10/11/25 Fashions That Were (Girls Series #9) Penrhyn Stanlaws
10/18/25 Ancestors — And Descendants C.D. Batchelor
10/25/25 Witches, Past and Present (Girls Series #10) Penrhyn Stanlaws
11/1/25 November E. Bakos
11/8/25 Four Ages (Girls Series #11) Penrhyn Stanlaws
11/15/25 The End Of A Perfect Fall Alexander Popini
11/22/25 Beau And Arrow James Calvert Smith
11/29/25 The Love Pirate Ray Sherman
12/6/25 Her Hair (Girls Series #12) Penrhyn Stanlaws
12/13/25 Reserved Menotti Rubino
12/20/25 At Earlier Christmas Times (Girls Series #13) Penrhyn Stanlaws
12/27/25 F.O.B. 1926 Alexander Popini
1/3/26 The Impartial Mirror (Girls Series #14) Penrhyn Stanlaws
1/10/26 Pearls Menotti Rubino
1/17/26 In Hours of Ease (Girls Series #15) Penrhyn Stanlaws
1/24/26 Yes? No? C.D. Batchelor
1/31/26 Old Clothes (Girls Series #16) Penrhyn Stanlaws
2/7/26 Which? Ray Sherman
2/14/26 Her Valentine C.D. Batchelor
2/21/26 Earlier Fashions (Girls Series #17) Penryhn Stanlaws
2/28/26 The Builders C.D. Batchelor
3/7/26 Forward March Alexander Popini
3/14/26 In The Spring Ray Sherman
3/21/26 Not On The Program C.D.Batchelor
3/28/26 In Old Madrid Conrado Massaguer
4/4/26 Easter Plumes Alexander Popini
4/11/26 Please Stand By James Calvert Smith
4/18/26 Star Gazing C.D. Batchelor
4/25/26 Mae First Alexander Popini
5/2/26 Love Set Conrado Massaguer
5/9/26 Songs Without Words James Calvert Smith
5/16/26 Big Sister Dorothy Flack
5/23/26 Stage Struck C.D. Batchelor
5/30/26 Chapter XIV C.D. Batchelor
6/6/26 In The Ring Conrado Massaguer
6/13/26 Riding Habits Dorothy Flack
6/20/26 Fair And Cool Conrado Massaguer

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