Obscurity of the Day: Personalities on Parade

When Don Wooton was working for the Cleveland Plain Dealer he began producing a Sunday feature titled The Week on Parade in the early 30s. This feature is beyond our purview here at Stripper’s Guide since it was a cartoon look at the week’s news stories. I classify that as editorial cartooning and take a pass.

However, on January 29 1933, Wooton renamed the feature Personalities on Parade and changed the focus to a combination of straight humor plus lampoons of  local Cleveland personalities. That change puts Wootton’s delightful work in our sights, for which we are very glad. The always restless Mr. Wootton, however, did not stick with the feature for long. The weekly half-page color cartoon ran in the Plain Dealer‘s Sunday magazine section only until July 8 1934.

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