Wish You Were Here, from a William F. Marriner Wannabe

Here’s a postcard drawn by either William F. Marriner or one of his innumerable copiers. My money is against Marriner himself, because the lines are not wispy enough to be his work. Once you eliminate Marriner you’re left with a whole laundry-list of his wannabes. Anyone care to offer an opinion about which this might be?

This divided-back card mentions  no maker, and says this is part of a series called “Topical Comics”. Hmm. Not sure what the topic is here, really. A very faint postmark may be indicating the card was used in 1910.

2 comments on “Wish You Were Here, from a William F. Marriner Wannabe

  1. It's not Sullivan, the linework is really too ametuerish for any real artist, and the lettering is pretty crude too. Look at the sloppy mailbox. If it weren't cut off by the edge of the card, the inline panel and the outside line couldn't meet logically. Any pro would not be so careless. In those days Marriner's style was something of a standard, everyone had an instant recognition for an "urchin", if you will, by a Marrineresque character.

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