Wish You Were Here, from Walter Wellman

This 1910 postcard by Walter Wellman indicates no maker. Perhaps this prolific cartoonist self-published? He reserved his copyright on the front, a pretty rare thing.

I don’t know which is weirder about this card — that a fisherman is wearing a tuxedo and spats, or that this dapper fellow would gladly see a pretty girl drowning in order to cop a feel of her ankle. Actually, wait, I do know which is the weirdest — that someone would purchase this card over all the other options they undoubtedly had on offer at the postcard rack.

4 comments on “Wish You Were Here, from Walter Wellman

  1. It's not really a Tuxedo if you've got striped trousers and a polka dot vest. I hope not, anyway.

  2. Hi Mark — Guess I'm showing my lack of high fashion sense. What would the proper term be for that? Morning suit? Cutaway?

    In any case, I'm thinking not all that appropriate for fishin'.


  3. If the coat were longer, with tails it would be a morning coat, intended for AM formal occasions. Striped trousers would go with such a coat, the favored get-up for important lackies and diplomats, but I'm sure Dean Acheson never would have the tight at the ankles type, and the soft collar and spotted waistcoat would have him tossed out of the Harvard club.
    Our friend in the card is just wearing some street-level dressy clothes for a young fop of 1910.

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