Herriman Saturday

January 5 1909 — Herriman has some seriously sharp-edged words and pictures for the heavyweight boxing fraternity today. In case it is too hard to read above, here’s the prose that he wrote to go along with the cartoon:

 En masse they have emerged from their coops and let out a loud, patriotic howl about reseizing the “title of titles” from the possession of the black man.

Here they stand, a lovely mess of pugilist derelicts preening their frayed plumes in patriotic fervor, making great show of being latter day Casabiancas, St. Georges, and gentleman Joan of Arcs.

Here Jack Johnson has been making extensive peregrinations over the world, wasting away for the want of a fight. All the while the surface of the sea of swat lay bland, placid and unrippled. Now the Galvestonian comes back with the prime prize, and the tombs resound with challenges from every pugilistic mummy since the deluge.

The country reverberates with the brave cry of “the title must come back to the Caucasian.” Truly a fine excuse for these St. Georges of the prize ring to work upon the public. They are ready to face the dusky dragon in his den and blushingly bring back the title.

Behold the heroes: “St. Lemo” Jack O’Brien, Marvin Hart, Mike Shreck, “Tawm” Sharkey, Corbett: that rare old Dodo, Bob Fitzsimmons, and oh, spare us, John “Twin” Sullivan. They clang their tin armor and puff their age worn breasts and acclaim themselves Davids ready to crack the dome of somber hued heavyweight Goliath to bring back our fair title to its home.

Now that we have heard from those whom we long thought defunct, let us give ear to Kid Camembert, Battling Brie, Terrible Roquefort, Spike Limburger or some other good heavyweight fromage.

The title will abide awhile with Johnson, unless the one man, James Jeffries, decides to climb over the ropes.

In the meanwhile call in Doctor Osler and let him get busy in the heavyweight division.

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