Herriman Saturday

December 10, 1908 — Herriman pithily condenses boxer Abe Attell’s recent problems into a delightful kat comic strip. Here’s some annotation: Atell has fought Owen Moran twice in the past year, and both times he came away unsatisfied with a draw. Looking to put one in the ‘W’ column, Attell then set his sights on Freddie Welsh — only to come away with a rare loss. Trying to get back on track after a miserable bunch of fights, Attell is now slated to fight Abe Wolgast tomorrow night. The bad news is (I’ll tell you since Herriman did not do a cartoon on the subject) that Abe Wolgast, too, will eke out a draw against the struggling Attell.

Abe Attell will wisely look for greener pastures after tomorrow’s fight. He will spend pretty much the rest of his career on the east coast circuit, putting together a much healthier record. 

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  1. OMG. I got your book on IIL and what a massive amount of information. I am going to have to buy my own copy. I am sure you can't even come close to all the hours that went into the production of this excellent reference book. Thanks for everything you do.

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