Weekly Heritage Internet Auction Items

I have a great assortment of items in this week’s Heritage Internet Comic Auction. The auction opens today and closes on May 22, (Sunday).

Something for everybody this week, no matter your budget or interests: great original art, gold, silver and bronze age comic books, platinum age comic strip-oriented books, big bargain lots, etc.To view and bid on any of my lots in this week’s auction follow this link.

Here are photos and my thoughts on this week’s auction items:

Great Room and Board Sunday by Gene Ahern —  very Munchausean

Incredibly rare — masthead art for the NY American Sunday comics section, by ‘Bunny’ Schultze

Delightful E. Simms Campbell Cuties panel

Beyond rare — a Little Bobby Bowser original and proof sheet by Bert Cobb — gorgeous art

Early Stan Drake Heart of Juliet Jones daily

Top tier from 1959 Heart of Juliet Jones Sunday

One of my very favorite pieces — classic Clare Briggs When a Feller Needs a Friend — this was tough to let go

Super-sexy Flamingo daily — and price should be reasonable since its by Thornton, not Matt Baker

Ozark Ike wins the 1948 World Series! Oh my, Dinah is in that striped sweater.

Mel Graff Secret Agent X-9 daily — no main characters so probably will go very cheap (oops, I mean undervalued!)

Super Sidney Smith Gumps daily from Andy’s presidential campaign — very timely subject matter

Here’s a real treasure — Burris Jenkins anti-comic book editorial cartoon from 1946

Man that John Lehti sure could draw, couldn’t he? Should have taken over Prince Valiant IMHO

Delightful Lichty Grin and Bear It daily panel

Superb Bobby London Thimble Theatre daily with three main characters!

The sleeper of the auction, literally! Amazing and HUGE J. Norman Lynd Sunday about dreams!

Very rare item — a Sugar and Spike single-page gag by the great Sheldon Mayer

The earliest Fred Opper cartoon you’re ever likely to find — 1880!!

Sweetly drawn C.F. Peters gag cartoon about the stock market. Check out the nice framing on this one!

Oh man, the fine linework of Paul Robinson just blows me away — Just Among Us Girls panel

Snookums topper — not really by McManus of course, this would be the great Zeke Zekely ghosting,. Pantomime gag!

Terry and the Pirates by Wunder — fabulous drawing, and no face-front stars to make the bidding go overboard

Denny O’Neil comic book script with probably Michael Kaluta sketches!
A group of 16 different issues of 4Most — I used to really get a kick out of reading these, and they’re very inexpensive

Group of 9 Airboys and Air Fighters — lot of really nice condition copies thrown into this lot!

Group of 15 nice silver age Batman and Detective issues

Group of 34 silver and early bronze age Batman, Detective, Man-Bat — what a deal!

1933 Kellogg’s Buck Rogers giveaway booklet in nice condition

Very scarce Bringing Up Father Big Book in really sharp condition

Lot of 8 Bringing Up Father Cupples and Leon books in lesser condtion — lotta cheap reading!

The whole series of Charlie Chaplin’s Comic Capers books — I hate to think what I paid for these, and they threw them into one lot! Ouch! Mostly beautiful condition for these fragile items.

2 different delightful Foxy Grandpa books by Bunny

Quite rare 1918 Landfield-Kupfer Gumps book

Two really nice early Iron Man issues — I think they under-graded these frankly.

OMG! They threw all my DC Kirby’s into one enormous box lot. Huge lot and plenty of high grade issues in there. Gosh I loved these series as a young ‘un.

Ultra-rare Mammoth Comics, poor condition but find another!

Lovely copy of the Cupples & Leon Mutt and Jeff Big Book

4 Cupples and Leon Mutt and Jeff books in lesser condition. Bargain reading material!

Ultra-rare New York American Mutt and Jeff Joke Book — only one I have ever found from this series!

Rare Saalfield color interior Popeye Cartoon Book in reasonably nice shape

Group of 36 (!) Target Comics. What a treasure-trove of great 1940s reading, probably at a bargain price.

7 wonderful reprint books in nice shape. Sorta weird grouping, so will probably go cheap!

Great group of Eisner, Kurtzman and other reprint books. Wally Wood and R.C. Harvey are adults-only btw.

Set of 42 proof books for King Features’ North America Syndicate. Mostly July-December 2001, plus more from 1996-97

Superb lot of rare platinum cartoon books. I believe Chasing the Blues has been pulled from this lot at my request.

Relive your military days in these three scarce books. Two slightly risque WWII digests up top, plus the incomparable Wally Wallgren’s WWI Stars & Stripes strips.

7 comments on “Weekly Heritage Internet Auction Items

  1. I was just drooling over some of these in my Heritage newsletter, didn't know they were yours! If you can give these up, what you're keeping must be incredible.

  2. flamingo comic strip was taken over John Thornton on July 1952 was it ever publish on newspaper? I seen Baker paper strips but never Thornton.

  3. Alan, quick question on the KFS NA proof books. Were you able to obtain these direct from KFS or somewhere else originally? I have been picking up the proof/copyright books and seen a few NEA, UFS ones out there, but the KFS ones not so easy to come by.

  4. Hi Mark — If memory serves, I bought these from St. Mark's Comics in NYC. They used to be the one place that King and United distributed their proof books for general sale, as was I believe supposedly required by copyright law. Unfortunately, just as I found out about this opportunity, the supply from King dried up and I just got these. In an upcoming auction will be long runs of NEA and United proof books, which I received by subscription for several years. –Allan

  5. Yes these are Copyright Books used primarily to secure copyright on strips before they are published in the newspapers. The reason it dried up is more than likely due to the Copyright Office accepting digital copies of items on CDs and DVDs about that time period. So I suspect many publishers went that route. I am glad to hear there was an actual location these were sold out. I had suspected they were also sold in years previous in newsstands inside/outside the buildings they were located.

    Having been badly outbid for this lot, and with the probability that winner won't be indexing these for the GCD (like was my intention, I have been slowly indexing the ones I have purchased recently), I would be more than happy to try to purchase some of the UFS & NEA books, if possible. 🙂

    my best
    -Ray Bottorff Jr

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