Heritage Auction Closing Today

I have a great assortment of original art in this week’s Heritage Internet Comic Auction. The auction closes today. Some items are getting great bids (from my perspective!) but most are really cheap as of Saturday when I wrote this. There may be some bargains waiting for you!

To view and bid on any of my lots in this week’s auction follow this link.

Here are photos and my thoughts on this week’s auction items:

Great large color piece Al Smith did for the National Cartoonist Society’s 10th anniversary, with all the Mutt & Jeff characters plus a self-caricature!

The best Boots & Her Buddies original I’ve ever found — by which of course I mean it has LOTS and LOTS of gorgeous gals!

Superb patriotic July 4 panel by Briggs, with endless detail. The discoloration they seem to show in the photo I think is mostly an artifact. It was on my wall for years and I never noticed that.

Two Bughouse Fables panels by DeBeck, who usually signed these “Barney Google”. Great wall decor for you cigar smokers.

Buz Sawyer daily with great aviation content — check out that ‘saucertop’ radar plane!

Early signed limited edition print by modern master Dan Clowes. Cool, man, cool.

I can hardly believe I consigned this. This great Jay Disbrow piece hung on my programming office wall for decades, and was a prized possession.

Nice early Tom Sawyer / School Days daily by Dwig. He really did manage to perfectly embody the Mark Twain ideal in this long-running panel series.

Beautiful Gasoline Alley daily with Skeezix reviewing his life, so typical of the great Frank King. Custom framed in beautiful hardwood.

Delightful Gaar Williams daily. A neglected master.

Another nice Gaar Williams piece, this one a very dramatic image with a horde of airplanes taking over the globe.

Great Leo Garel color cartoon was chosen as the cover for a Lawrence Lariar “Best Cartoons” collection.

Classic Rube Goldberg — should have been saved for one of their major auctions imho.

Can’t afford a Nell Brinkley original? Here’s an H.B. Gordon piece that gives Ms. Brinkley a run for her money. What incredible detailed linework!

A very rare find — a Bill Holman gag cartoon original from the 1930s, this predates Smokey Stover and has most of the classic Holman elements. Museum quality framing, too.

I love, love, love H.T. Webster’s work, and there are two superb Caspar Milquetoast originals going this week. These are really hard to find, don’t miss out.

Three unpublished C.H. Wellington try-out pages from the mid-1910s, all in one lot. What a great title, “The Jims of Jamland”!! How did this not sell to a syndicate?

The great J.R. Williams tells us one of the million reasons why mothers get gray. Neat train content, too.

A sweet young thing has a yen for the teacher, beautiful drawn by Stan Drake in this early Heart of Juliet Jones daily.

Another rarity that should be in a marquee auction. Very early Sherlocko the Monk strip by Gus Mager!

The “you look just like Margie” guy in a rare foreground appearance in George McManus’ Bringing Up Father.

Ken Mitchroney created a character in his Space Ark comic book as an homage to Jim Ivey! This piece was presented to Jim many moons ago.

A classic Mr. Oswald strip by Russ Johnson. What an incredible artist he was. I just adore his work, which is very hard to come by, but I have several of them going to new homes in this week’s auction.

See above, a nice Mr. Oswald golf gag.

Amazing detail and terrific expressions in this 1890 Fred Opper original from Puck. I wish I knew the caption!

Opper again, this time with a Puck story illustration.

And here’s a really terrific Opper multi-panel cartoon about the trusts. Trimmed unfortunately, but hey, it’s 120+ years old!

Delightful Robert Day cartoon from Collier’s. Nicely framed too.

The incomparable Frank Godwin. I was given my choice of one from a big stack of Rusty Riley originals, I chose this one for that great middle panel and the lovely bookending effect.

The great Jim Scancarelli shows that it’s not only Frank King who can do those delightful chiaroscuro panels. Sweet nostalgic Sunday page.

That Son-In-Law of Pa’s by C.H. Wellington, a nice early example, and huge!

Three Spuddle’s Sport Shop pages by the great Russ Johnson. Very few people realize that he did another series for a sporting goods retailer magazine — just as fine as his Mr. Oswald pages.

The other Timid Soul daily by H.T. Webster (see above) , this one featuring a rare appearance in that era of an Asian on the daily comics page.

The great W.E. Hill at the height of his powers, I prefer his 1950s stuff to his earlier work. Those finely drawn faces are so haunting!

A huge Winnie Winkle Sunday page, lots of shapely Winnie, plus the very popular Perry.
Three super-rare gun safety posters by Will Eisner. Very cool images, especially if you are a hunter.
Is this the worst condition (complete) copy of Showcase #4 in existence?! Why they slabbed this is beyond me. Buy it, remove it from its coffin, and enjoy it!

The great Zeke Zekley, still not allowed to sign his work even after the death of McManus. This was just a month after McManus’ last signed dailies, and Zekely would be kicked off very soon.

Man, that C.A. Voight could draw the gorgeous gals, couldn’t he? Fabulous!

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