Heritage Signature Auction Items — Bid On My Stuff Please!

Having collected cartooning related stuff for the past forty years, the Stripper’s collection has finally reached critical mass. The Stripper household has recently downsized from 4000 square feet to 1300, and the huge overflow generated by the move is now residing in a climate-controlled storage unit, where the monthly fees are enough to make me weak in the knees each time the bill arrives. In fact it is costing so much that I finally had to wave the white flag, and start paring down my vast holdings. Good thing I collect paper and not locomotives, I guess…

The first step I’ve made in that process was to contact the folks at Heritage Auctions, who kindly offered to sell certain parts of my collection. They accepted all my old comic books, which range from platinum age up to the 1980s, plus a large selection of cartooning-related books, original art and other ephemera. The first of the auctions which include my material  just recently went live, and there is lots more stuff waiting in the wings for future auctions.

I’m not asking you to bid on my stuff if you don’t like it, want it, lust over it, gotta have it. But if you do find some of my auction items to be tempting, keep in mind when you bid that you might kick up that offer just a bit extra as a nod toward supporting my research, the housing of my collection, and this blog if it has been of some entertainment or educational value to you. 

The first live auction is a ‘Signature Auction’, and some really choice items of mine are up for grabs. Click on the descriptions below the images to be taken to the Heitage auction, where you can get much more detailed info about the item. Here are my lots:

Bobby Make Believe 1918 original by Frank King, partially colored

Superb Cerebus page by Dave Sim and Gerhard, with Secret Sacred Wars Roach

1925 Gluyas William original in museum-quality mounting

Burne Hogarth’s “The Gunslinger”, in gorgeous frame. Huge!

Jack ‘King’ Kirby original page from Kamandi #19 (my favorite comic book series of all time)

Superb 1916 Mutt & Jeff daily gag — racy stuff!

Great Skippy daily of 1933; perfect gift for a cigar-smoker

Tad Dorgan’s For Better or Worse Sunday page, perfectly paced IRS gag (oops, I killed the punchline!)

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